1:1 Coaching

Become a Crypto Expert in 8 Weeks!

YOU have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, but you are unsure how to invest safely and securely in this digital world.

YOU want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but you are concerned about how to keep track of your portfolio and effectively manage your investments.

YOU have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, but you are unsure how to invest safely and securely in this digital world.

YOU have already gained some experience with cryptocurrencies, but now you want to deepen your knowledge and receive personalized guidance to optimize your investment strategy.

Overcome Crypto Investing Challenges
with Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Ready to take your crypto investments to the next level?

Personalization: Tailored guidance based on your unique goals, risk tolerance, and preferences.

Portfolio Composition and Analysis: Gain insights into optimizing your crypto portfolio for maximum returns.

Collaborative Investment Strategy: Develop a customized plan aligned with your financial aspirations.

By choosing our personalized 1:1 coaching, you’ll receive the individual attention and support necessary to maximize your crypto investment success. Benefit from personalized recommendations, ongoing portfolio analysis, and the collaborative development of a tailored investment strategy.

Intensive 8 Week Coaching

Get personalized guidance and support for 8 weeks to fast-track your crypto success.

Weekly 1:1 Calls

Benefit from two 2-hour private coaching sessions every week for focused attention and progress

24/7 Support

Enjoy round-the-clock support via WhatsApp/Telegram to address your questions and concerns.

Comprehensive Video Course

Gain life-time access to a valuable video course that covers essential crypto knowledge.

Portfolio Analysis

Receive expert analysis of your portfolio to optimize your investments and maximize returns.

Project Introductions

Discover various projects and cash flow options to diversify your crypto holdings.

Platform Setup Assistance

Get step-by-step assistance in setting up platforms and wallets for seamless operations.

Telegram Community

Join a vibrant English-speaking community for networking and valuable insights.

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Our 1:1 coaching provides personalized guidance and tailored support. While an online video course allows you to learn independently, the 1:1 coaching offers individualized instruction that is specific to your needs and goals. You benefit from direct feedback, discussions, and the ability to ask specific questions.

The 1:1 coaching program spans over a period of 8 weeks. During this time, you will have access to intensive support, regular calls, and ongoing assistance to maximize your progress and results.

During the coaching calls, we have the opportunity to focus intensively on your individual needs and questions. We will work together on your investment strategies, analyze your portfolio, and explore new opportunities. The calls are designed to support, motivate, and provide you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to enter the crypto market successfully.

Don’t worry! You have 24/7 access to our support through WhatsApp and Telegram. You can reach out to us anytime, and we will respond as soon as possible to answer your questions and assist you with any challenges you may encounter.

Yes, absolutely! Our 1:1 coaching is tailored for both beginners and experienced investors. We adjust the content and pace to align with your existing knowledge and needs. Whether you are just starting out or have prior experience, we will help you expand your knowledge and achieve your goals.

The portfolio analysis is conducted to assess the performance and composition of your current cryptocurrency portfolio. We will review your holdings, provide feedback on the allocation, and suggest potential adjustments or diversification strategies to optimize your portfolio’s potential.

We understand that everyone has different schedules and commitments. If you are unable to attend a scheduled coaching call, we can work together to find a suitable alternative time that accommodates your availability.

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